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JIO Fiber broadband plans and everything

Jio Fiber broadband Know everything
Jio Fiber broadband Know everything

Reliance Jio fiber

Jio fiber broadband is a Reliance Jio’s broadband service working upon Optical fiber technology. It offers service of the high-speed internet with speed up to 100 Mbps. You can watch HD or  4K videos online without any interruption. You can also connect with people around the world.

Jio Fiber broadband Know everything
Jio Fiber broadband Know everything

After the success of Jio 4G sim now Reliance Jio has made new announcements. The announcement is the new product of broadband service. The Reliance Jio Fibre plan, for now, is only available to some user.

This plan now is known as FTTH Base Plan. Some of the Reliance Jio broadband services has gone public. The plans range between 500 to 5500.

The testing of this service has begun exclusively from many days in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Surat and Vadodara and Pune locations.

Reliance Jio will launch Jio Broadband service as a welcome offer for 90 days. In this offer, you will be able to test JIO Giga Fiber broadband speed and connectivity.

How to buy the Jio Fiber Broadband service

After hearing about the Jio fiber broadband service. The very first question comes to mind. The questions are like “how to buy the Jio fiber service” or “How to apply for the Jio Fiber broadband service“.

For now, no official announcements by Mukesh Ambani for the release of Jio fiber broadband service. The service is not yet public but somehow they are available in some parts of the country.

If the news are correct then the Jio fiber service will be as welcome offer. The Jio Fiber welcome offer will be valid for 90 days. You can enjoy unlimited broadband service for 90 days.

Jio Fiber broadband service is currently available only in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Surat and Vadodara.

Recharge Plans for Fibre broadband Service

Reliance Jio is not only giving the fibre broadband service but also some recharge plans. The recharge plans are very affordable to the users and for a month. The plans have been categorized in following categories.

  1. Jio Giga Fiber Broadband plans for Speed.
  2. Jio Giga Fiber Broadband plans for Volume.
  3. Special Jio Giga Fiber Broadband plans.

Jio Giga Fiber Broadband plans for Speed

If you looking for plans with different speed then these plans are for you. Reliance Jio has total five plans for Jio fiber based on speed.

The very first plans is of speed 50 mbps which cost of Rs 1500. This plan will give you total 2000 GB for usage with speed upto 50mbps for one complete month.

The second plan is for Rs 2000 with speed upto 100 mbps. The total data in this plan is of 1000 GB for one month.

The third plan is for speed of 200 mbps in which you will have total 750 GB for usage. The plans cost  Rs 3500 for one month.

Jio fiber broadband plans have a plan for Rs 4000 which will give you 500 GB data. The data is valid for a month in which you will get speed for 400 mbps.

The last offer of this package is plan that gives speed of 600 mbps. In this you will have 300 GB data for usage. It will cost upto Rs 5000 for a month.

Jio Giga Fiber Broadband plans for Volume

If you want to enjoy unlimited broadband speed then you should go with this plan. The plans gives unlimited data speed but there are some variations in data fir usage.

In this package the first plan is for Rs 1000. This plan give 5 GB data per day for usage. There is no limit in this package and it is valid for a month.

The second plan is for 10 GB data per day. The cost of this plan is Rs 2000 with unlimited speed for complete month.

Third plan of this package is for Rs 3000 which give unlimited speed for month. You will get 20 GB data per day for usage.

Reliance Jio fiber broadband service has a plan of Rs 4000 per month. In this plan you will have 40 GB dat per day for usage with unlimited speed.

The very last plan of this package is of 60 GB data daily for complete one month usage. The cost of this package is Rs 5000 for month.

Special Jio Giga Fiber Broadband plans

Here are some special plans for Jio fiber broadband plan, all of the plans are valid for one month.

Cost of plan Data limit Speed limit
Rs. 500 600 GB 15 Mbps
Rs. 500 3.5 GB/day N/A
Rs. 500 N/A 60 Mbps
Rs. 800 Unlimited N/A
Rs. 1000 500 GB 25 Mbps

Here are all information related to Jio fiber broadband service. if any question feel free to ask in comments below.

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