Jio plans – know everything and choose Best Plan wisely

Jio plans for Everyone
Jio Plans for Everyone

Reliance Jio 4G Plans

Reliance Jio 4G, now India’s fastest growing and largest 4G network. The free Jio 4G sim is now in use everywhere around in India. Recently the Jio summer surprise has ended, and everyone is searching for new Jio plans for recharge. Here we will show you all the new plans for the prepaid as well as postpaid customers.

Jio plans for Everyone
Jio Plans for Everyone

Before you read the further Jio plans, you must know the offer for each plan is different for prime members and non-prime members.

If you are a non-prime member of Jio and you want to be a Jio prime member, then you can register here.

Jio Plans for Prepaid customers

One day Plan

The very first plan for Jio 4G is one day Plan of Rs 19. This plan gives unlimited voice calls and SMS. Both are valid for local, STD and roaming and as well as to all operators. It offers 200 MB data for one day.

 Three-day plan

The Second plan is of Rs  49/- for three days. This pack also give unlimited call and SMS for local, STD and roaming for all operators. The data usage limit for this package is 600 MB.

Weekly Offer plan

In Jio plans, there is a weekly plan of Rs 96. Just like other packs it also gives free unlimited calling and SMS service. The variation in this offer is the data limit. In this pack, we get 1GB per day for a week.

In this pack, if you exhaust the data limit than the maximum data speed will be upto128 kbps.

Monthly Plan:

Recharge for Rs 149 and get Jio service for a complete month. Here month will be of 28 days. You will get unlimited voice call service, 300 SMS for local, STD, and roaming. This pack offers 2 GB data for one month.

Two Months Plans:

There are three different offers in Jio plans. The first offer is of Rs 309, secondly is Rs 349 and last is Rs 509. All three schemes have different packages which are in the below table.

 MRP  Rs 309 Rs 349 Rs 509
 Voice calls  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
SMS  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
Data  56GB 10 + 10 GB  112 GB

In Rs 309 you will get 1GB per day and in Rs 509 plans  2G per day. The plan of Rs 349 offers total 20 GB for the month. For each pack, the post data speed after exhausting the 4G data the speed will be 128 kbps. The voice calls and SMS are for all the networks for local, STD and roaming.

Not to forget that the days of the month for each pack is 28 days. So they will be valid for total 56 days.

Three months Plan

Jio plans have two packages of three months just for Rs 399 and Rs 999. Both the plans have different schemes and validity.

The first plan of Rs 399 provides unlimited call and SMS services for all the networks. It also gives internet data of total 84 GB and the post data speed will 128 kbps. The validity of this package is 84 days.

Four months Plan

Jio also offers a plan for four months of Rs 1999. This plan gives unlimited service for four months i.e. 120 days. In this four month tariff, you can have unlimited call and SMS. It also provides data of total 155 GB. Once you have used complete data, you will get the speed of internet up to 128 kbps.

Seven Months Plan

In Jio you can recharge of Rs 4999 for seven months. This plan also gives unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, and data. You will get of total 380 GB for seven months. The post data speed after the 380 Gb is 128 kbps.

Yearly plan

In Jio plans you can also recharge for one year and three months. The cost of the package is Rs 9999. It provides total 780 GB for complete one year and three months. Not only data but it also gives unlimited calls and SMS service for local, STD and roaming for Jio as well as for other networks.

Jio Plans for Postpaid customers

Reliance Jio not only for 4G Jio plans for the prepaid customer but also for postpaid customers too. Here are some Jio plans for postpaid customers

In the postpaid plan, you will get unlimited calls, SMS and internet data. The calls and SMS are for all local, STD and roaming.

Two months Plans

For postpaid customers, Jio offers four different packages for two months with various data schemes. In all the four plans you get unlimited calls and SMS, but only the data plans are different.

The first plan is of Rs 309, where you get 60 GB  for two months. You will have 1GB per day for use, and after the data is over, you will get set of 128 kbps.

The second plan is of Rs 349, In this package, you will have 10 + 10 GB for complete tow months. The speed after the completion is same for this plan i.e. 128 kbps.

The Third scheme is of Rs.  509 and it gives you 120 GB for two months usage. In this plan, you will have 2GB per day for use. The post data speed after exhausting the data is same as others.

The last plan for two months validity is of  Rs 999 which will give you 90 GB data for usage.

Three months plans

For Jio postpaid customer there is three months plan of Rs. 399. In this scheme, you get 90 GB data for usage. You will also get the unlimited calls and SMS service.


We hope, we have given complete information of the Jio plans. But if there are some question feel free to ask in comments below.

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