Book & Buy Free Reliance [* JIO Phone] – Specification – 24th August

Pre Book Date & Buy Free Reliance [ JIO Phone] - Specification - Price

The next bigger step initiated by RIL is Jio Phone with free voice calls throughout the life, with 4G data that too at a very nominal rate. This phone will be the priority of the upcoming generation.

The ultimate aim of RIL is to bring the people of the country on one common platform by using its JIO 4G MOBILE PHONE & by doing so the people will not only save their money but will also get good services.

Pre Book & Buy Reliance JIO Phone

Pre Book Date & Buy Free Reliance [ JIO Phone] - Specification - Price
Pre Book Date & Buy Free Reliance JIO Phone – Specification – Price

The other benefit will be in the form of money circulation which will be confined to within the country as the people will opt out to go for JIO MOBILE PHONE rather than costly 4G phones of other brands. This move by the RIL is aimed at to capture sizeable customers across the country, to disrupt the foreign players in the field of Telecommunications.

On the other hand, this will also add to the good profit to the Government exchequer & will also be instrumental in helping the people of the country to spend their precious money on some other essential needs which may help in up gradation of the standard of living of the people of the country.

Reliance Jio Phone Pre booking and Release date

The pre booking of Reliance Jio Phone will start on 15th august 2017 and the phone will be released in September 2017.

Why Reliance Jio Phone is trend changer ?

According to an estimate, our country which has a population of over 130 crores & approximately 80 crore users of mobile phones, only 25% avail the facility of internet, while the rest use the mobile phones for only voice calls.

With the introduction of this JIO PHONE, the people of the country will be able to have access to Internet facility. This mobile will be having various options like OPTIONAL TV CABLE, JIO TV, JIO MOVIES & UNLIMITED INTERNET DATA WITH HIGH SPEED, dual SIM along with an SD card slot to expand memory.

Jio Phone Plans:

  • All JioPhone users can take advantage of the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer priced at Rs. 153/month. The offer will provide unlimited data, free voice call, and SMS.
  • Moreover, two NEW recharge packs were also introduced at the AGM meeting. The Rs.54 pack will be valid for a week, and the Rs.24 one will be valid for two days.

Features of Reliance Jio 4g Phone:

  1. Alpha numeric keypad
  2. Jio apps
  3. Four-way navigation system
  4. Torch light
  5. 2.4-inch QVGA display
  6. Call history facility
  7. Inbuilt Ringtones
  8. FM radio
  9. Phone contact book
  10. SD card slot
  11. Headphone jack
  12. Microphone and speaker
  13. Battery with charger
  14. Voice commands for calls, texts.
  15. It will have 24 Indian languages.
  16. Can be used for digital payments.
  17. It will also have a distress call system.

The best things about Jio PHONE:


  • The JIO PHONE will be known as “INDIA KA SMARTPHONE.
  • Its overall cost price will be “0”, which means that one can buy the phone at the security deposit of rupees 1500/- which will be refunded after 36 months on returning the handset to the company.
  • It will be a revolution in the field of SMARTPHONES as it will be providing a handset with 4G & free voice calls at such a cheaper rate.
  • It will have voice commands to make calls.
  • It will come loaded with JIO apps.
  • It will have a 2.4-inch display.
  • It will be available for beta testing from August 15th (Independence Day) & for pre-booking from August 24th.
  • Will be available in the market from last quarter of 2017 having availability of 5 million units per week.
  • This phone is a concept of Indian Engineers, especially for the Indian audience.
  • It will be auto equipped with an innovative cable link to TV to enable the users to view the content on a big screen at home. THE USERS WILL BE NEEDED TO BUY JIO DHAN DHANA DHAN PACKAGE OF RUPEES 309/- TO GET EXTRA DAT NEEDED FOR THIS FEATURE.


This move MIGHT result into say Goodbye to the 2G-featured phones because one will prefer a 4G smartphone that too on cheaper rate rather than using an outdated version phone.

The introduction of JIO PHONE might result into bringing the other competitors of smartphone business to their knees, keeping in view the “0” PRICE INTRODUCTION of 4G JIO PHONE. These companies will have to follow the footsteps of JIO PHONE to remain as a competitor in the market.

The same was also evident in the case of INTRODUCTION OF 4G JIO SIM by the RIL which forced the various other service providers to reduce their tariff plans to compete with the JIO SIM as they didn’t want to lose their customer, business & goodwill as well.

With the announcement of JIO PHONE, it appears that the other competitors will also be forced to go for the similar option to enable them to remain in the market.

As per some of the leading industrialists in this sector, this would be nothing but a DISRUPTION, which will SHOCK UP THE ECOSYSTEM. Hence it can be said that this package will lead to spreading of 4G networks into deeper hinterland & the people will find themselves ready enough to get accustomed to this facility.

The introduction of JIO PHONE will give users a taste of data/videos which they were not able to top get on outdated 2G phones & it will enable them to get accustomed to JIO SMARTPHONE gradually.

There is no denying the fact that the introduction of JIO PHONE will also play a key role in Government’s ambitious plan of DIGITIZING THE COUNTRY.

This will also help the country to make the people DIGITAL by introducing various apps of financial dealings/Payments (like PayTm ) & the JIO PHONE will be a mode of the same. The JIO PHONE will also play an active role in the uplifting of the people settled in far flung rural areas, where there is a lack of facilities like ATMs, Banks, Post Offices, etc., to carry out their financial dealings.

This phone will also prove to be a boon in disguise for the people in the wake of demonetization move by the Government last year.

How to pre book and buy Reliance Jio 4G mobile [Jio Phone]

Reliance has recently launched free Jio phone with just 1500rs deposit; there are ample amount of people who are eager to know how to pre book and how to buy Jio phone online.

There are three ways to pre book and buy jio phone.

Pre booking of the Jio phone will start from 24 August 2017

  1. Pre book from company website
  2. Buy it from the reliance digital stores.
  3. You can also pre book and buy Jio phone via MyJio App

Mukesh Ambani told that 15th August 2017 would be known as  DIGITAL FREEDOM for all featured JIO PHONE users.

If you want to pre book and buy Jio Phone then simply bookmark this page we will keep you updated with the Jio phone Pre book and buying date.

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